When you train with Phillips, you will train with the best.

Alex Phillips is one of the youngest and most dynamic instructors in the country.


At only 14 years old, Alex began training alongside his father in Krav Maga at one of the most prestigious combat schools in the southeast. He caught on with a passion, and in two short years he had become the youngest level two instructor in America. He is now certified through three national Krav Maga federations and has trained thousands of civilians, law enforcement officers, military, and children in simple, effective self-defense. He is known for his aggression in combat and his ability to communicate ideas and techniques in an understandable and effective way. His classes are fun, informative, and tough, but most importantly they teach you how to - as the creator of Krav Maga, Imi Lichtenfeld would say - get home safe, and walk in peace.


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