Mountain & River Level One Test

Congratulations to our very first Level Two students, Kendall, Sam, Danielle, & Kate. These four students have worked hard through the level one curriculum and through a grueling test to make it to Level Two. 

Their test was two hours long and consisted of various drills which tested their techniques, fighting spirit and aggression.

Fighting spirit is one of the most important things for our Level One students to learn, and is often the deciding factor of a real life violent situations. An attacker is never ready for their victim to fight back, and when one responds with aggression and fighting spirit - regardless of technique - the victim is moved to the offensive and takes the fight to the attacker. 

In honor of the beautiful environment that we live in here in the high country. We named this test the "Mountain & River Test. Throughout the test, Alex would call "Mountain!' or "River!". When he called this, testers would join together to carry a huge log either up a large hill or down to a stream nearby where we were testing. This additional part of the test added a fun and tough component to the test apart from training Krav alone. 

All testers fought hard and earned their new level and we are all very proud of them. Give them a big high-five next time you see them, and keep working towards testing up to Level Two yourself!