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Monday 4/15 | 3:30Pm - 4:20PM

Building Unshakable Confidence Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally.


Champions 6 Week Spring Season Starts April 29!

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What Is Champions Kid’s Krav Maga


Champions builds unshakable confidence physically, mentally, and emotionally in children. Through challenging and fun Krav Maga training with games, Champions uses drills to teach kids how to apply and use their skills in exciting contexts. Mentally, students will learn to recognize different threats and situations by increasing their situational awareness and self-confidence. Active participation in drills and mat chats will help accomplish these goals. Most importantly, students will be given the opportunity to grow emotionally by addressing their attitudes and are encouraged to have a "can-do" attitude. Champions are over-comers despite the challenges.


The Champions program teaches kids ages 5-12 effective, real life self defense training to protect not only themselves, but others. Our top priority is to build confidence and equip our students with the knowledge to identify, de-escalate and deal with combative or predatory scenarios.


• Champions Spring Training Package •

6 Weeks Of Champions training (12 Classes)

Champions Training T-Shirt

Training Gloves

Level One Skills Test


• Champions Spring Season •

April 29 - June 5

Monday & Wednesday

3:30PM - 4:20PM


6 Weeks of Awesome Kids Krav Maga Classes at Evolve!

Signup Deadline: 4/24/19

The Evolve Gym


Our Shared Gym with Rev Five 5 Fitness includes plenty of additional features to make it easy to bring your kids to Krav, Including:

  • Rev Five 5 Coffee, Nitro, and Kombucha Bar

  • Kids Room Stocked With Toys and TV

  • Seating Areas For Work, Study, and Waiting

Plus, Our Facilities are located conveniently in town behind the boone mall and right down the road from walmart. So whether you stick around for your kids, or take the time to go shopping, Evolve makes it easy!

Evolve Training Center

643-P Greenway Rd. Boone, NC, 28607

In the same building as Rev Five 5 Fitness

Champions Levels

Level 1 - Defenders: In the first level of Champions, defenders learn palm strikes, elbows, kicks and more, plus specific techniques for defending both playground attacks and more serious ones. They overcome their fear of being in a potentially violent situation, so they can think clearly, and defend themselves. We also have character focuses, and speak about the dangers of self defense as well, so they are very careful with their newfound skills.

Level 2 - Warriors (coming in fall): After Champions Defenders learn the basic techniques and pass their test, Students learn more advanced techniques, and also begin to spar, while learning sportsmanship and control. The focus on character, as well as our four standards of respect, discipline, safety and encouragement, continues through all levels.