Community Empowerment & Preparedness

At Evolve, we believe that together we can help shape our community culture and standards to collectively provide a safer and more empowering environment for all. Our Civic Protector course teaches valuable preparedness skills like basic self-defense, civilian medical response, Oasis Inc. Active Bystander Training, Narcan Overdose Response Training, and more.



In our Civic Protector course, students will learn the essentials of self-defense in our world today. Learn and practice situational awareness, de-escalation, basic striking, defenses to common grabs and attacks. You can’t choose whether you’ll have to defend yourself one day or not, but you can choose to equip yourself today.


Nalaxone Overdose Reponse Training (Sponsored by Hope Connection NC)

The opioid epidemic has reached into nearly every crack and crevasse of life in the US and overdoses are becoming sadly more and more common. Learn the signs and symptoms of opioid overdose and how to respond and help victims of overdose. Evolve has partnered with Hope Connection NC to provide FREE Narcan Overdose Response kits to all participants in our Civic Protector course.

Oasis Active Bystander


Oasis Inc. is a local non-profit fighting for women’s rights and protection in the High Country. Oasis will be joining Evolve to lead our CP course through discussions and lessons around identifying sexual assault, how to intervene and behave, how we can create a safer culture, and what our role as active bystanders is.


Civilian Medical Response

Do you know what you would do in a medical emergency if no one is around to help? Don’t be caught clueless. Our Civic Protector course will cover the basics of commonly needed medical response and care that can keep you or a loved one safe until help arrives.




August (Cycle A) - Aug 6, 13, 20, 27 at 6PM

September (Cycle B) - Sept 17, 25, Oct 1, 8 at 7PM


Course Info:

1 Month

Four 1.5 Hour Training Sessions (one week night per week)


Ages 14+

Includes: Narcan OD Response Kit, Final Skills Test, Certificate of Completion, Special Evolve Training Offers.

Civic Protector II (Coming Soon)

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