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All Experience & Fitness Levels Welcome

Never thrown a punch in your life? Don't worry, Mitt Fitness classes challenge you at your personal experience and fitness level. It's not about hitting a universal mark, it's about pushing your own limits and always evolving. You can always modify your training experience to the level you like!

For more advanced strikers, Mitt Fitness classes give you the tools to help you grow at a more advanced level. Instructors may give the option to add or drop more advanced striking combos and augment the training to challenge you. If you push yourself and put in the work, we'll make sure you get the training you want!

What Is Mitt Fitness?

Evolve's Mitt Fitness program is a high intensity interval striking classes that will get you in the best shape of your life, while making you a total bad%#$. Use punches, knees, elbows, kicks, and other strikes to get an awesome workout through working proven striking combos and skills on the Mitts. Mix it up with brief intervals of core strengthening and cardio fitness work that will make you sweat and have a blast doing it!


Required Gear

Wear clothes that you can move and sweat in. Shoes are recommended but not required on the mat. 

Bag gloves of 12-16 oz, or MMA gloves are required. Shin guards recommended. All gear is available at Evolve!

Weekly Schedule

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