Private Training

Private lessons are a great way to get one-on-one attention and guidance from our instructors to help propel your training to the next level. It's also a good option if regular classes don't fit with your schedule. Rates range from $40-80/hour for 1 person, depending on the instructor level.

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I’ve been a Personal Trainer for 20 years so I know what it takes to teach and motivate others. Alex is gifted well beyond his years (age) in regards to his ability to teach. I’ve had several other Krav Maga instructors, but he’s the best! The fact that Alex has achieved such a high level of expertise in his field at such a young age should tell you something about his passion and commitment. Consider yourself lucky you get to train with him.”
— -Matt Alegre, Evolve Private Student


We offer a wide variety of private training, including:

  • Krav Maga / Self-Defense Training

  • Strength & Fitness Coaching

  • MMA Training (Striking, Grappling)

  • HIIT & Functional Fitness Coaching

  • Health, Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching

  • Flexibility & Mobility Training

  • Stage / Screen Combat Coaching & Blocking

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