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Schedule as of 9/16/2018

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Beginner Level Classes

Foundations Level Classes:

  • Monday 5:30pm - Foundations

  • Tuesday 6:30pm - Mitt Fitness

  • Wednesday 6:30pm - Mitt Fitness

  • Friday 5:30pm - Foundations

  • Saturday 10:00am - Mitt Fitness (unless designated otherwise)

All new students start at the Foundations Level. This gives new students a short window to build their fundamental skills of striking, movement, safe training with partners, etc. The Foundations Level lasts about a month (minimum of 6 classes) for new students, after they have come to a minimum of 6 classes, students will take a Foundations Test which is held on the last Saturday of every month. After the test, students move into Level One and have access to all classes besides those designated Level 2 and up. 

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  • Walk In Peace: Women’s Self-Defense Seminar - added 11/25

Try 2 Weeks Unlimited For $19.95

Are you interested in seeing if Evolve is right for you? Try 2 weeks of unlimited beginner classes at Evolve for $19.95 (a $47 value!) including Mitt Fitness and Foundations. These are our beginner classes and will lead you through the basics of fighting with an awesome workout.




Foundations teaches you the fundamentals of fighting including movement, stance, mindset, basic striking, aggression, and more. Apply the skills you gain to dynamic drills that will build what you learn into your muscle memory and get you into great shape!

When you start at Evolve, you will be able to attend our Foundations class as well as any Mitt Fitness or Open Mat classes. After a minimum of 6 classes at the beginner level, students complete a skills test to move up to Level One.


Level 1

Level One classes are fun, informative, challenging. Level One classes teach striking, situational awareness, the "on switch", basic grappling as well as defenses against various chokes, holds, strikes, and more.

Prerequisite: Complete Foundations Level Test

Mixed Level

Mixed Level classes will cover techniques from the specified levels and will open to all qualified students. For example, "Level 2 / 3" will be working skills applicable to both levels two and three, and will be open to students who have completed Level One and above.

Level 2

Level Two classes are more physically and technically demanding than Level One and work on techniques such as bear hugs and advanced striking, as well as introducing broader subjects such as sparring and multiple attacker fighting. Take your striking, grappling, and overall fighting abilities to the next level as you put your skills together to approach the fight as a whole.

Prerequisite: Complete Level One Test

Mitt Fitness

Mitt-Fitness will focus on getting an awesome workout by training proven fighting combos and skills using mitts and Muay Thai pads, with brief intervals of core strengthening and fitness work. You can always modify your training experience to the level you like! Bag gloves of 12-16 oz, or MMA gloves are required and shin guards recommended. Gear is available at Evolve.

Open to all levels!


Level 3

Prerequisite: Complete Level Two Test

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