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Level One

Level One classes are fun, informative, challenging, and open to all skill and experience levels. Level One classes teach striking, situational awareness, movement, as well as defenses against various chokes, holds, strikes, and more.

Mixed Level

Mixed Level classes will cover techniques from levels One, Two, Three, and occasionally higher. Open to all skill and experience levels. 

Level Two

Level Two classes are for students who have worked their way through Level One and completed a Level One Test. Level Two classes are more physically and technically demanding than Level One and work on techniques such as bear hugs and advanced striking, as well as introducing broader subjects such as sparring and multiple attacker fighting. 

Mitt Fitness

(Open to all levels!) Mitt-Fitness will focus on getting an awesome workout through working proven fighting combos and skills using mitts and Muay Thai pads, with brief intervals of core strengthening and fitness work. You can always modify your training experience to the level you like! Bag gloves of 12-16 oz, or MMA gloves are required and shin guards recommended. Gear is available at Evolve.


Urban Dynamics

A dynamic drill-based class where students will be put into a scenario, based on real events. We'll repeatedly dive into a scenario with different elements added and removed in order to create various levels of training for the students (technical, stress, failure/success, habit-forming, and so on). The class will have an open-dialog during key moments to discuss the pros and cons of taking particular action during a stressful event. Our world is full of dangers and with the rising tensions around the world, we feel it is important to openly discuss and train ourselves to be Urban Watchdogs; aiming to live our lives in spite of the fear others attempt to instill. Our principle is simple "Amat Victoria Curam" - Victory loves preparation.



The Champions program teaches kids ages 6-12 effective, real life self-defense training to protect not only themselves, but others. It imparts confidence and knowledge to identify, de-escalate and/or deal with combative or predatory scenarios.

Champions works with you to build your child's character. We focus on who these kids will be, not just what they can do. Advancing through our program means they are setting and reaching important goals for family, school and fitness, as well as crucial defense skills.

We accomplish all this through creative instruction, exercises, scenario drills...and lots of fun! Kids of all personalities have a blast and will be exhausted!


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