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Who We Are

SOTERA is a Private Security company in based in Boone that aims to create a new paradigm for what private security can be for bars, businesses, restaurants, and much more.

We do this through providing Competent, kind, and comprehensively trained teams that are equipped with extensive skills and resources which prepare them for a wide range of avenues that they can help, serve, and protect our community.

SOTERA brings in valuable areas of focus such as: Medical Response Training, Oasis Inc. Sexual Assault Intervention Training, Narcan Opioid Overdose Response Training, Multi-Gendered Staff to better serve all genders of patrons, Non-Combative Defense Training, Non-Violent Communication Training, and perhaps most importantly - Kind, Caring, and Competent Security Staff to make our community’s experience as safe and fun as possible.

SOTERA offers a wide range of protective security services, and of course, our services can always be designed to meet your specific needs. Below is a representative sample of services. We offer Unarmed Guards, Facility / Building Security, Special Events, Weddings, Parties, Corporate, Country Club, Executive Protection, Workplace Violence Protection, Loss Prevention, Corporate Retreats, Personal Protection (Body Guard), and Home Owners Associations.

Choose the professionals at SOTERA Private Security for security services that you can count on.

Call us today to learn more. We are available 24/7 for emergency response!

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