Alex Phillips | Owner / Chief Instructor

Evolve Self-Defense & Krav Maga // SOTERA Private Security

Alex (23) is the founder and owner of Evolve Self-Defense & Krav Maga and SOTERA Private Security. At 16, Alex became the youngest Level II Krav Maga instructor in the country and subsequently gained Instructor Certifications through four national Krav Maga federations, being hailed as a star instructor and passing certification tests around the country with “flying colors.”

At 19, Alex created Evolve under the the idea of using fighting and fitness to help individuals be better than they were yesterday, everyday - and to live safer and healthier lives. Three years and over 1,000 students later, Evolve is thriving at the center of a movement to cultivate community and empower individuals in the High Country - and is continuously improving and evolving to better and more effective in equipping its students.

Alex lives in Boone with his partner Genna and their Lab/Boxer named Bennet. Aside from his businesses, friends, and family, Alex is passionate about music, mycology, horticulture, meditation, travel, and learning.


Leti Sandoval | Instructor

Foundations | Self-Defense I | Striking I-II | Ground Fighting I | Civic Protector I Private Training

Leti (29) is an Instructor and Level III practitioner with maybe the meanest right hook at the gym. Born & raised at Evolve, Leti has been training since the womb, bred to be a fighting machine. When she isn’t inspiring young girls, she is seamstress and an artisan metal worker who creates beautiful jewelry with her business, Sugar and Steel.


Shane Hillman | Instructor

Foundations | Self-Defense I | Champions | Striking I-II | Ground Fighting I | Civic Protector I Private Training

The one-and-only Shane Hillman (29) is an instructor and Level III practitioner at Evolve. Don’t let his bright smile and dad-jokes fool you, Shane will throw down with insane aggression and power at the drop of a hat. When he’s not crushing the thai bag, Shane is helping solve the world’s water crisis and traveling to countries and jungles all around the world with the international non-profit, Wine To Water, or making the most delicious and healthy chocolate you have ever tasted with his chocolate company, CW Chocolate. Shane is also an accomplished magician and an avid cyclist and cook.