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2 Week Unlimited Trial


2 Week Unlimited Trial


Try two weeks of unlimited Foundations Level classes at Evolve including all classes listed below. These are our beginner classes and will lead you through the basics of fighting with an awesome workout.

Foundations Level Classes:

  • Monday 5:30 - Foundations

  • Tuesday 5:30 - Mitt Fitness

  • Wednesday 6:30 - Mitt Fitness

  • Friday 6:30 - Open Mat (unless designated otherwise)

  • Saturday 10:00am (unless designated otherwise)

All new students start at the Foundations Level. This gives new students a short window to build their fundamental skills of striking, movement, safe training with partners, etc. The Foundations Level lasts about a month (minimum of 6 classes) for new students, after they have come to a minimum of 6 classes, students will take a Foundations Test which is held on the last Saturday of every month. After the test, students move into Level One and have access to all classes besides those designated Level 2 and up. 

Trials begin on the day of your first class, not the day you purchase the trial. For questions, please email

*Limited 1 Per Person*

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