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Phillips has a way of breaking down the most complex techniques into a simple and easy to understand system.

Honestly, after working with Alex I discovered two core things: my voice and owning my fighting spirit. I loved that Alex understood my overall goals and then created lessons that challenged me, encouraged me and taught me new perspectives. I really appreciated his out-of-the-box approach to teaching and training. I’ve worked with plenty of talented instructors, but Alex is always my first recommendation. I needed someone who could break things down to the principle and help me work through applying those principles with my size/unique experiences.
— Caity W.
Alex is a phenomenal teacher. I honestly cannot put it effectively into words, but he does a great job appealing to different learning styles so that it really “clicks”. He easily adapts if something is not clicking and tries a different method of teaching the skill/move/etc. all while keeping my confidence in myself up. Building confidence in myself and what I can accomplish is hands down the most valuable lesson I have learned thus far.

Anyone and everyone can do this, and private training will help you build training into your schedule and routine. Alex is a wonderful teacher, so you truly will gain so much from the training. I truly feel confident in my ability to defend myself if needed and the training is a perfect balance of intense and fun.
— Michelle C.
“I have personally seen self defense learned at Evolve put into practice in a real world scenario, and let me tell you... it is *extremely* effective. Truly makes you a force to be reckoned with.”
— Justin P.
“Training with Alex absolutely helped me take huge strides towards my goals, producing results that were evident both physically and psychologically. If you start at the very bottom, the only direction to go is up. You get out of this what you put in it. If you commit, you will see results you won’t expect.”
— T.D.
Alex has taught me that I’m not as helpless as I think, and that sometimes courage is found and developed by doing difficult things.

Something I really appreciate about training with Alex is that a lot of other people/places don’t understand what trauma or PTSD does to a person, and I think that Alex understands a lot. Because of past trauma, I get incredibly anxious at pretty much everything. So for me, it’s really cool to see Alex use creativity to instruct different skill sets. For example, when Alex was showing me ground fighting, he used a punching bag instead of a person on me so that I could attempt what he had shown me. I really appreciate that!

My goals were primarily to learn defense skills, and to help connect my mind with my body. Alex is helping me to move closer towards those goals, so now I don’t have to be as on edge as usual. He has helped me a lot! You learn so much and it seems as if it does not take much time. It may be because it is fun at the same time as being instructional.
— Carolsue B.

"I started training in Krav Maga almost two years ago. I was attracted to Krav Maga because the techniques were simple, they work, and they end the fights in seconds. Alex made learning Krav Maga easy. His style of teaching is intense yet simple. Phillips has a way of breaking down the most complex techniques into a simple and easy to understand system. When you train with Phillips, you will train with the best."

-D.J. Kuszaj, Durham Police Corporal


"My teen daughter and I came in for a private self-defense lesson with Alex. He is an awesome teacher! We learned so much. Alex gave us the skills we need to be smarter, safer, more alert and prepared to protect ourselves. Thank you, Alex!"

-Jodi L

"Evolve is an excellent martial arts school. Not only is the student body very diverse in age, fitness, and martial arts experience, but Alex is a fantastic instructor who is very knowledgeable. His instructions are always well thought out and he answers questions very clearly to make sure all students understand the techniques."

- Chris B

"I signed up for two free classes and they did not disappoint! Everyone was extremely welcoming and Alex is an excellent instructor. I never felt slow or excluded. He breaks down the steps and really explains the why/how of a move. I have two small children and feel confident I can end a confrontation and get away safely, which is huge for a mother. I'm grateful Alex pushes you to do more, and I leave class knowing I got an amazing workout! I look forward to learning more from Alex and the Evolve family."

- Lauren C

"I've been a Personal Trainer for 20 years so I know what it takes to teach and motivate others.  Alex is gifted well beyond his years (age) in regards to his ability to teach. I've had several other Krav Maga instructors, but he's the best! The fact that Alex has achieved such a high level of expertise in his field at such a young age should tell you something about his passion and commitment. Consider yourself lucky you get to train with him."

-Matt Alegre, Personal Trainer, Carpe Diem Personal Training

"I did not have any previous experience with any type of martial arts before Evolve. Alex is an excellent instructor. He breaks down every move, gives details for that move, and pays attention to each student's movements. He is always willing to answer questions. This class challenges you and makes you want to challenge yourself! Alex and the other students create a comfortable environment and help push and motivate you every class. It is fun, a great workout, and you leave each class with something new. I have made sure this class is part of my weekly routine. I look forward to continuing my training at Evolve!"

- Leti S


"The first thing I did at Evolve was try a class and I was hooked instantly. I previously had very little knowledge of or experience with self defense, so Alex worked with me and my left-handedness to help improve my techniques significantly. After being part of a large organization for another few months, I felt like just a number until returning to Evolve, where the classes are small enough to receive individual attention and critique. Alex is very willing to make things simpler to learn without losing the context and detail, and he makes sure techniques are done as proficiently as possible for each member. He teaches you to push yourself and to be better than you were the day before, which has driven my improvement, so don't be hesitant to ask for help. Krav Maga at Evolve is something I highly value and it takes up a tremendous part of my life inside and outside of the facility, for good reason. It is something that I found to enjoy so much that I would one day like to teach others, and I couldn't have come this far without Alex and the Evolve family.

Alex does a fantastic job of sharing his passion in his work. Not only are his classes challenging and a great workout, but they are very rewarding and something you can have with you for the rest of your life. Learning to fight back is something that no one can take away from you. Become part of Evolve and become a greater version of yourself!"

- Kendall Juell, Boone, NC

"A little over two and a half years ago I moved to a high-crime, low-income neighborhood as part of a ministry with my church, and living in that neighborhood has opened my eyes to a lot of the violence and crime that happens right within our cities.  After seeing and hearing, over the last few years, about so many women and children being the targets of violence, abuse, and manipulation, I gave serious consideration to what I would do in a situation where I, or someone I loved, was attacked.  

Within the very first few weeks of taking classes with Alex, I had already learned so much and was well on my way to developing a basic skill-set for some serious self-defense!  Alex is extremely patient and does an amazing job of breaking down each technique so that it’s simple to understand and easy to learn. He pushes you to do better than you think you can, but also encourages you where you’re at so that you come away from each lesson feeling accomplished.  

Krav Maga is the best fighting system I have ever found, because each move is designed to depend on body mechanics, not powerful strength or finely honed technical skills – so anyone can learn Krav Maga and apply the moves to quickly and effectively defend themselves, even against an attacker who is much stronger or bigger than they are. I would highly recommend Alex as a trainer for anyone who wants to learn realistic self-defense and gain confidence in their ability to protect them-self, or for anyone just looking for a challenging workout and a load of fun!”

- Megan C